Instrument Rating

The instrument rating teaches you how to fly in fog, clouds, and limited visibility. You will develop the judgment to evaluate adverse weather conditions and the ability to maneuver the helicopter by reference to instruments. In addition to increasing your capabilities as a helicopter pilot, it also enhances your confidence and safety.

This course is a 141 approved course with examining authority available to pilots holding a Private or Commercial Pilot Helicopter certificate rotorcraft category and class. In some cases previous knowledge and experience can be credited toward the course curriculum requirements per FAR 141.77 (c). Students who wish to train under FAR part 61 can be provided a custom quote for a program based on their previous knowledge and experience
To be eligible for the instrument rating course, you must:

  1. Hold at least a current private pilot certificate with rotorcraft  category and class rating that applies to the instrument rating sought.
  2. Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
  3. Hold at least a third class medical certificate.

FAA 141 Course with Examining Authority

FAR 141 Approved Instrument Rating Robinson R-22


Per Hour


35 Hrs. Flight Instruction



30 Hrs Ground Instruction



End of Course Test



Instrument Written Exam



Books and Materials



   Enrollment Fee         $150.00





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